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There's a private hell for anyone who lives to only love themselves

I AM OFFICIALLY A WAITRESS @ ABETTER PIZZA!!!!!!!!! no more gym! no more connections! but yet in a way i'm going to miss it... i started t like it at the end, i got close to alot of the people there, but I HAVEN'T WORKED IN 3 WEEKS. i need $$ BAD. and i made 6.50 on waiting 2 tables today and that was just training. i start working for real on tuesday. the ironic part. my mom used to have my same job and worked with my boss. actually, my mom used to have the biggest crush on him lmao. he's a cool guy, i like him. and i think this was a good move for me. i think i'll like it a whole heck of alot more.

also today my dads parents came over *shoots self* with their neice from italy. she was REALLY nice. i was expecting this gorgeous bitch to walk in but she was really down to earth and stuff, she understood alot of english so it made life easier. i might take her to 6 flags next week to get her out of a few extra hours with my dads dad... i would be bored out of my mind and would want to die. that man belittles women in ever aspect imaginable.

i also foud out mirandas moving back to england... :-\ i'm gonna miss her like crazy. in the past two years i've gotten so fucking close to her. blahh. but hse insists that durring the summer i will come stay with her for a few weeks. i hope. it shall be fun :-) but in the meantime... it will be INSANE without her.
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