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jezebelx's Journal

*extraordinary supergoddess
16 December
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hallo there and welcome to the diary of an ordinary Average every day sane psycho
Supergoddess.. or not. lol. i'm tara also known as tar, gwen, gwenny, and piglet depending on who you are, so basically just call me whatever you fancy at the moment. i'm sixteen untill december 16th which is when i'll turn 17. i have blonde hair and brown eyes 5'7. i'm a junior at lawrence highschool but i spend half the day at mercer county at kelsey thetre for performing arts/ vocals. why i do it? i don't know... all i really want out of life is to write and teach special ed... right now i work at connections gymnastics where i teach small tikes to do backwardrolls and jump into the foam pit, i start early september at my new job as a vocal and dance instructor at the performing arts studio i attend. i've been studying voice since i was 12 and have been a gymnast for about 10 years now. most of my life i have spent around fitness and food in some way or another, which you will find more about as you read.

'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

I've had a really rough past couple of years between now and middle school, but i made it through. i have my best friend _paperdoll who i met halfway through my freshman year of highschool. although she lives an hour away we're super close and i would die without her. I'm despretly in love with Austin, with whom i've been with for 6 months. without these 2 people in my life i don't think i would have made it through as much as i did. my other best friend, jessica, i went to school with but i don't get to see her as much now cause she movied, but she's on the team where i work so i still see her. I'm also rather close with my mom, because if theres one thing i have really learned in life is that your mother is always there, no matter what, due to the fact that she gave birth to you. some people aren't as lucky as me in the aspect for the fact that my mother is one of the most amazing people i have ever met i look up to her in hundreds of ways.

'in the confusion you see me through the rain and to the light that i might not have seen'

--underconstrudtion... i'll fix this up later xo
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