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but baby when i get you back, i'm gonna show you what i'm made of...

the memory of you stays lit in my head as incesant as the flame of love,
good love never dies, but as it may escape it burns me alive
leaves me with scars so painful all I can wish for is to be numb,
so I can have learned to numb the scarred,
a burnt heart with the adoration of absence,
nothing enters, but yet nothing can escape,
the toxins begin eat away at the insides, consuming all sanity
leaving me with nothing but a carcass , a rotting mound of bones,
and an aching heart that still burns. where are you now?

schools not that bad. heres how my day goes....

1st period Algebra II with Ms. Edwards - not that bad i have megan and Liz in there and i sit with megan. i hate math though, but i find it intreguing this year, i don't know why but i'm kinda EXCITED *shrug* maybe i have gone crazy. ms. edwards greatly reminds me of a kindergarden teacher, which is rather calming to me cause the past couple of weeks thats all i have wanted... to be back in kindergarden....

2nd period Study Hall with Mrs. Chepiga - well actually theres about 5 teachers in there and it's in the cfeteria with over 100 other people. lmao. lets see who else is in there - Jess S, Katy, Andrew, Jesse, Lynzi, Irena, Kathy, Margaret, Emily, Zack and i think theres more but i forget...

3rd period Chemistry with Mrs. Campbell - this class is gonna be awsome. i love chemistry, reminds me of baking. I've got Lynzi in there as well as Irena, Kathy, and Rob.

4th period English III with Mrs. Pinelli - i was originally gonna see if i could get transferred out of that class before i even met the teacher because i REALLY wanted Mrs. Chepiga again who was my English teacher freshman year (and also my 2nd cousin LMAO)but i might stay. In there i have Jess and Josh. i'll explain who josh is give me a minute... lol

then there going over in the afternoon to college. and thats a whole different thing. i have different classes every day. but i am taking -

Vocal technique
Dance for Vocalists
Music Theory
Acting for Vocalists
Music History
Vocal Litterature
Disctation and Phonetics

so anyways.. i met some cool people. theres only one other person from my school in the vocal category, and thats josh. he's new this year and i met him... yesterday. he's a cool emo kid and he's a really good at singing. so i was talking to him before leaving the college and then i realized today he's in my english class. so i'm his new buddy cause he don't know anyone else lmao. and he came with me to chill in the library for an hour before his bus came to pick him up today to leave cause i wasn't going to the college cause i had no ride home. Then earlier yesterday when i arrived at the college i was waiting around for a while and someone goes *TARA?!* I turn around and had to think about it and she goes *hey it's kristina fro Abetter Pizza* and i realize i goto work with her lmao. she works in the ice cream parlor. which was really cool cause i got to chill with her and her friend untill they got branched off into the acting department.but i was just glad i knew someone. the teachers ihave are all REALLY nice. one even offered to give me a ride home yesterday cause my mom was late and she was in her car about to leave and she was like 'tara do you need a ride?' and my mom pulled up just then. so i'm really happy with that. i just can't go today or tomorrow because i have had no ride home because my mom doesn't get out of school untill about 3:30 and i gt out at 2:30. but tomorrow i think i MIGHT go because afterwards i might goto the college library and study or do homework.

i was so PISSED yesterday when i pulled out my phone and it wouldn't turn on. arg. my dad took it to the verizon place today though and they fixed it. so it's all better now :-D

and that is a brief description of the last 2 days. we'll just see how tomorrow goes when we throw in work at well... tra la la
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