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when i think of it, my fingers turn to fists, i NEVER did anything to you man

i realized something, all the other people before, they were right and now i understand. you don't give a shit about me so don't even bother. narcisistic jealous fuck

*it won't be long till you'll be lying limp in your own hands*

had to get that off my chest. it's amazing what you'll realize how people feel about you reading simple things not about you. AMAZING. silence speaks louder then words.

i start school tomorrow. the past week has been tough. it's hard to think 8 years ago grandma and pop-pop died, and buster... oy. and i would have broken up with frank a year ago tomorrow LMAO HAHAHA. i find that one amusing. but i also think of tony and think wow.... thats was that long ago.

i saw my biology teacher from last year yesterday at the nail salon. she's one teacher i'm going to miss like hell. she got to be like a friend damn it. i wish she taught chemistry. :-\ ick back to school, back to nosey teachers, being perpetually cold, and the loud annoying people.

right now my moms at worek, she started school already.... poor mom :-\
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