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nobody said it was easy oh it's such a shame for us to part

well i feel acomplishes. i wrote an email to the schoolnewspaper advisor (my history teacher i had last year) and asked about getting into the school newspaper and such. plus i figured out how to get arround my lousy schedual so far with teachers i don't know. hopefully if it works out... i will have my freshmen english teacher again IF she has her english III class the same period as mine. so i will switch. so i will have mrs. chepiga and mr. wolf. yes that makes me feel 90000000x better. esp mrs. chepiga... oy freshman year. smile comes to my face. i romantacize that year wayyyy too well. and it excites me wayyyy too much to know i could have the same teacher again... i just wish it was in the afternoon :-\ but mrs. chepiga was the best... it also helps she's my second coun but she helped my writting so much and did so much for me. wow, this excites me lol.

so i am KINDA excited for school. i got about 15 new outfits. and yes i bought everything myself. i work my ass off and i'm proud. i got alot on sale too. 150$ identity skirt, 4 shirts from abercrombie and fitch, 3 new skirts from XOXO and s hitload of stuff from macys, charlotte russe, forever 21 and express. since i don't use a backpack (hate themHATE THEM HATE THEM) i usually get a big purse and carry my books in them then carry a small purse with makeup and pens. well i got a big coach bag for my books and then i got a few regular purses, one coach, one kate spade, and one 9&co, well actually my mom gave me the kate spade one. but oh well. my aunt bought me 3 pairs of steve madden shoes and they're all brown, but i LOVE them and my mom told me she would buy me a black pair and a pair of boots! woo! i'm ready lmao.

and i finally found some wide ruled mead brights notebooks, although it's a three subjuect... but it'll work for the time being. i need single subject to feel really safe :-\ but i have wide ruled 3 subject. it's the close as i'll get for now.

and i died my hair tonight. wow... it's the REAL color... the color i was BORN with. it's nice. it's plain and simple. i like simple. it works. and i think i'm going to grow my hair out again. i miss my long hair... ughhhhh. why did i have to fry my hair.

so i am left with 10$ lol. but i work tomorrow and i'll make about 50$ in tips and i get my paycheck... which is going straight to the bank... it should be about 170$ then i'll get another 20$ from my voice teacher for all the work i did with her.

i'm kind of agervated though, i really am trying to make an effort to gain 5lbs but i'm still losing weight. i'm excersizing constantly though, not that thats any different. i'm TRYING to eat more, but thats rough too. but i really am trying. arg.
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