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oOoH amber is the color of her energyyyyyy

interesting day, started the new doc. he's really nicei think i will stick to this one :-D we talked about alot of differnt things. CARS lmao. he's got some swanky cars dude. infact 8 of them... tra la la... i'm being as honest as possible with him. he said he wants to talk to me about meds next weeek. a tad scary, but i suppose he's here to help. my mom is much more relaxed now too, i can tell. she said she feels like a bundle of bricks has beeb taken off her chest. so i'm happy just for that. i don't want to make my mom sad :-\ i'll write more about the appointment later in friends only or something, but i gotta get ready for work... tra la la waitressing i'm tired and don't want to work damn it :-( *sigh*
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