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and now i've managed to be the one... to be the victim without the gun

today was okay. i wasn't mentally alive at all today. i realized something... my elctrolytes... or however you spell it... yeah they're FUCKED as anything. it was 90 degrees this morning. my hands were so cold they turned purple. it's august... this is rediculous... only me dude... only me. i was insanely light headed too. but my hands were bright purple. as weird as it sounds, i rather be the old feeling of dehydrated... ugh more romantasizing of freshman year... will i ever get past that?

austin came over today and i felt rather horrible. i feel bad cause i acted rather bitchy cause i was kinda aggravated and dizzy. he gave me a really good massages cause he's wonderful like that. :-D but he got rewarded cause we went for a walk later and people were throwing away they're like HUGE TV so i asked if he could have it so... he's got a big ass TV in his room now. scoree... we went bowling yesterday with one of my friends and one of his friends who we're setting up. things are working out VERY nicely. we went bowling then out to dinner, back to my house and started to watch a movie. all was well.

enduring silverchair lately... pondering over my life and how it's changed from last year this time. some things are better... others are worse... mentality... somewhat better... with a guy whose 7865876587645437654789658658765x better but still feel very shitty about myself for some reason. i start the new doc. on friday and start work on tuesday. scared about doc. but excited about work. work will be interesting :-)
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