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imagine pagent, in my head the flesh seems thicker

1) Starting time: 10:55pm
2) Your full name: tara gweneth marie mcclain
3.) Nickname(s): tara, tar, tray, gwen, gwennerz, gwenny, gwenabee
4) hometown: robbinsville, NJ
5) E-mail address: deviousxblonde@aol.com
6) Hair color: blonde
7) Eye color: brown
8) Height: 5'7"
9) Siblings: none :-(
10) Birthdate: december 16th, 1986
11) Kept a secret from everyone? i have a big one, some people know but i deny it anyways
12) Had an imaginary friend? haha yeah when i was little
13) Wanted to hook up with a friend? at one point in time...
14) Cried during a flick? i've bawled durring movies lmao
15) Had a crush on a teacher? nahh
16) Ever thought an animated character was cute? butters in the man yo
17) Ever at anytime owned a New Kids on the Block tape: haha yeah and the dolls dude...
18) Planned your week based on the TV Guide? fuck no

Have you ever...

19) tripped in public? LMAO millions of times... i'm a world class act
20) Done drugs? nahh
21) Eaten an entire bag of Oreos? FUCK NO
22) Gotten in a car accident? just sunday :-(
23) Wished upon a star? all the time :-\
24) Laughed until you cried? i have my moments, but not nearly enough :-\
25) Played Truth or Dare? lol everyday summer of 2000, christine, cait, em, and jeff.. haha
26) Watched a sunset or a sunrise? nope :-(
27) Do you like someone from the opposite sex? i love austin <3
28) Do they know? duhh lmao
29) What do you look for in a woman or man? someone who will genuinly care about me and has atleast some sensitivity


30) Who's your funniest friend? katy lol
31) Who's your craziest friend? i dunno they're all pretty looney lmao j/k
32) Who makes you laugh/smile the most? austin & krissy & miriam
33) Who do you e-mail the most? krissy
34) Who do you e-mail the least? everyone else
35) Who's the loudest? katy
36) Who's the shyest? nahuel
37) Who do you know the best? probably miriam

In the last two weeks have you...

38) Showered or bathed? lol i bathe like 2 times a day duhh
39) Had a serious talk? yessum
40) Hugged someone? i hug austin all the time :-)
41) Gotten along with your parents? i almost always get along with my mom...
42) Fought with your parents? i always fight with my dad cause he is an inconsiderate dick :-)
43) Fought with a friend? nope
44) Cried? yupperz
45) Cut your hair? nope
46) Worn a skirt? yesterday
47) Been mean? haha all the time
48) Been sarcastic? LMAO stupid question
49) Met someone new? yupperz
50) Talked to someone you have a crush on? i talked to austin like 2 minutes ago lol
51) Missed someone? i miss austin :-(
54) Give hugs? didn't i answer this?
55) Give back rubs? austin!
56) Take walks in the rain? nahh too cold :-X

Which one of your friends

57) Is most likely to grow up to be a model? krissy or rachel
58) Knows you the best? krissy & miriam
59) Is most likely to become a comedian? mike
60) Have you known the longest? alisha :-) i miss her :-(
61) Do you know most about? bj and minnie
62) Who will send this back the quickest? uhmm it's on lj
63) Is the smartest? emily
64) Most likely to end up in jail? katy lmao

Have you ever...

65) Been to a concert? yup
66) Loved someone so much it made you cry? yeah :-\ cause i do dumb things
67) Cheated on a test? lmao who hasn't?
68) Stolen something from someone/something? no
69) Stalked someone? not really...
70) Are you single or hooked? hooked ;)
71) Do you like mac & cheese? fat
72) Do you have a lot of friends? ehh i few
73) Have you ever had an online relationship? fuck no
74) What is your worst habit? i don't wana talk about it
75) Scariest moment? only krissy knows :-X but i saved myself lmao
76) Happiest moment? i have two... meeting austin and going up to north jersey to see krissy
77) where have you lived most your life? robbinsville, NJ
78) Do you dress like a prep/snob/sporty/ or just none of those? ehh i'm original.


79) Where are you? in my room
80) Are you sitting by anyone? no
81) When was the last time you showered? 2 hours ago
82) What color pants are you wearing? grey shorts
83) If you're listening to music what song are you listening to? miss you love - silverchair
84) What's on your mousepad? a G for gateway
85) What was the last thing you ate? a few grapes
86) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? austin <3
87). How many buddies do you have on your list? 65
88) How's the weather right now? ehh i dunno it's late
89) What do you feel like doing right now? running away :-(
90) Shampoo? aussie
91) Soap? uhmm i dunno
92) Colors? bronze
93) Day/Night? night
94) Summer/Winter? summer, although for some reason i'm really missing winter
95) Lace or satin? satin
96) Cold or hot? warm, hot, fucking hot
97) Sour or sweet? sour
98) Blue or red? red
99) Snow or rain? rain... although i hate both, i DESPIZE snow
100) Give or receive? give
101) Wool or cotton? wool
102) Rose or daisy? daisy
103) Do you have a monkey? noo
104) Chocolate or plain milk? neither
105) Celsius or Fahrenheit? Fahrenheit
106) Spring or fall? spring
107) History or Science? science
108) Cartoon Character? BUTTERS
109) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? i have austin <3
110) Who do you go to for advice? Miriam, krissy
111) Who do you get the most surveys from? lara or kirssy
112) Who do you cry with? krissy but i prefer not to cry infront of people, i feel weak
113) Spent quality time alone? austin <3
114) Read a book for fun? i live for books dude
115) Ate a meal? fuck
116) Are you lonely? yes :-(
117) Are you happy? no
118) Are you talking to someone online? krissy :-)
119) God/Devil? uhm
122) Love? austin <3
121) The Big Bang Theory? what about it?
122) Heaven/Hell? hell it's warmer
123) Superstition? i am :-X
124) Backstreet Boys or N'sync? ick
125) Whipped cream? fat free
126) What was the last thing that you said online? :-\
127) What is right next to you? my book
128) What is your computer desk made of? wood
129) What are the last 4 digits in your phone number? 2481
130) Where do you want to go on your honeymoon? somewhere warm
131) What did you do last night? took a shower and read till 1am
132) What's the best thing that you find about the opposite sex? everything that austin is
133) Who makes you happy? austin & krissy
134) What is your favorite CD? i have 2... the juliana theory - emotion is dead and silverchair neon ballroom
135) Dream car? either a tiburon, cougar or liberty
136) Have you ever won any special awards? yeah i got a few singing and acting awards
137) What do you want to be when you grow up? a writer or special ed teacher
138) What are your future goals? t open up a bakery/desert place that serves breakfast and write an autobiography and be as famouse as marya hornbacher, and in the end, being as strong as her
139) Favorite music? alternative rock
140) Favorite food? grapes
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